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Shh. A big new “toy” will be coming to UBC. Stay tuned for future update….


Congratulations to Dheva who was selected as a recipient of the Canadian Foundation for the Development of Microscopy (CFDM) travel award. His plan would be to attend the 3D EM Gordon Conference taking place in Hong Kong this summer. Well done!


We welcome back Sung who returns to work after her maternity leave.


The team attended and enjoyed the department Christmas party at the UBC Golf club.


Holiday lunch at Banana Leaf@Broadway second year in a row. Lucky that everyone could make it. Thankful for a productive year for the lab. Early farewell to Adam who will leaving the group at the end of the month and returning to full time studies at UBC.


We welcome our new technician Jesse Hansen who has previously worked in our friend Justin Kollman’s and Huy Bui’s lab.


Pizza lunch and farewell to Shijia who will go on a trip to Eastern Canada before returning to China to complete her undergraduate studies. Shijia was the Santa of the day!


First day of the school year, we welcome our new graduate student Udit and welcome back Jeffrey who will be conducting his BIOC448 directed studies project with us.


Farewell lunch at the PointGrill for Derrick who will be start graduate school in the University of Toronto and begin a new chapter in his life this September.


We welcome our undergraduate volunteer Jeffrey.


We welcome our new MITACS intern Shijia from China.


Leon’s paper officially came out in Autophagy today ( We made the cover as well! Congratulations!

5/26/2015 – 5/29/2015

Dheva and Calvin attending the MSC Annual Meeting in Hamilton, Ontario. So nice to meet up with all our EM colleagues (new and old) across Canada. We are blessed with wonderful weather and excellent hospitality from our host.


We welcome our new postdoctoral fellow Maitree, our new Co-op student Cindy, and our new Work Learn study Alvin.


Dheva’s paper officially came out in JBC today ( Congratulations!


Congratulations to Sung and her family as they welcome baby Hahbin to this world! Looking forward to seeing the little one soon.


Congratulations to Angela and her family as they welcome baby Hugo to this world! Looking forward to seeing the little one soon.


Beautiful spring day! Lab lunch at Kirin. Adam trying out chicken feet for the first time! Best of luck to Angela and Sung who will be heading to maternity leave at the end of the month.


First day of school in 2015 and we welcome Adam Lipski, our new technician, to our group.


Holiday lunch at Banana Leaf@Broadway. So much food and we are all in food coma the rest of the day. Farewell to Calvin (Biddle) who will moving to his next co-op placement in January.


Installation of our new Biotek Synergy HTX Multi-Mode Reader. Such a cute a small instrument.


Pizza lunch and farewell to Jack who will be returning to China to complete his undergraduate studies.


On the first day of school, we welcome our new Ph.D. student Tamiza Nanji and the return of Derrick who will be pursuing his honours thesis in our lab this term. Congrats to Tamiza who received the prestigious UBC 4-Year Fellowship award!


Lab lunch and final gathering with Cathy, and long time undergrads Franco, and James. Sad to see all of them leave after August.


Dr. Sung-Eun Nam joins our group as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome, Sung!


Tianlei(Jack) Sun, our first MITACS intern, joins our lab from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Welcome!


Lab lunch for Leon’s farewell. He will be leaving the lab to take on a position in StemCELL Technlologies.

5/21/2014 – 5/28/2014

Calvin attending and giving a short talk at the Keystone Symposium: Autophagy: Fundamentals to Disease in Austin, Texas. It rains in Texas!


We welcome our new co-op student Calvin Biddle and new Work Learn student Jordan Williams-Yuen!

4/26/2014 – 4/30/2014

Dheva attending the ASBMB Annual Meeting in San Diego.


Lab lunch and final gathering with M&M (Martine and Matt). Both will be leaving our lab by the end of April.


Congratulations to Dheva! He is a recipient of the prestigious Canada Graduate Doctoral Scholarship from NSERC (the only one from our department).


Franco and James presented their thesis work at the BIOC449 seminar day. Good job guys!


Congratulations to Franco who won the Silver Prize for his poster presentation at the LSI GSA Research day!


The final version of our lab’s first review paper came out on line in Frontiers in Biology!


Welcoming our new co-op student Derrick who will be working with Dheva and James.


Leon returning (at least temporarily) as our research assistant.


Saying goodbye to our co-op student Katarina. Good luck on your next placement!


Leon successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis with strong praises from the examination committee. Congratulations! Leon is the first student who graduated from our lab!


Had our early holiday gathering for the lab at the newly renovated Sage Bistro (pictures to be posted). Best of luck on the exams for our undergrad students!


Dheva won the Zbarsky Prize for the best Ph.D. presentation (voted by fellow students)! Great job Dheva! Congratulations!

10/05/2013 – 10/07/2013

Dheva, Katarina, and Calvin attended the Department retreat at Manning Park. Calvin gave a short talk entitled “Progress and challenges in establishing molecular EM at UBC”.


We welcome our new postdoctoral fellow Angela Yu who recently completed her Ph.D. at the University of Toronto.


We welcome our new Work Learn student Matthew Lund.


First day of school! Welcome back James and Franco, our two honours thesis (BIOC449) students this year!


Lab lunch at Point Grill. Thanks everyone for their hard work this summer! Good bye and good luck to Hayeong who will be returning to Calgary next week.


Our lab’s first paper came out online today in the journal Autophagy! Congrats to Leon and Dheva!


Calvin gave a seminar at the Institute of Biological Chemistry (Academia Sinica of Taiwan)


Calvin gave a seminar at the School of Life Sciences (The Chinese University of Hong Kong).


We welcome Hayeong, our summer student from University of Calgary! Hayeong is supported by an NSERC USRA award.


We welcome our new technician Martine, our new co-op student Katarina, and our new work-learn student Franco!


Farewell to our first work-study/learn student Samantha and our first co-op student James. We will miss you both and good luck on your future endeavors!


Dheva successfully passed his comprehensive exam. Congratulations!


CIHR awarded our lab a 5-year operating grant on “Investigating the molecular mechanisms of autophagy regulation”.

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